Protect Trees from Destruction During Construction

Construction is a move towards development. Every project is meant to create a modern structure that offers an advantage to everyone, except for trees. In every construction site, a tree protection zone is a must to keep the poor trees from destruction in the process. As you build, nothing should be torn down.

Good thing, there are service providers who are meant exactly to do that. They can put up a significant defense against tree injuries and damage, making sure they will bloom as much as the structure when the project is finished. A tree protection zone will carefully keep watch on measures that will help preserve the trees while the construction is ongoing. That is simply because while humans can wear hats, trees can’t and they need people to give them a mantle of protection until the entire process is through.

Planning Carefully to Prevent Tree Damage

It is not rare that mature trees, which took forever to grow, get in the way of construction. Whether it is in a commercial zone or your own residence, it is a must that the lives of the trees that are pretty close to the construction site or are actually within it are given a strong shield. They deserve a tree protection zone that will keep them untouched for the entire process.

Planning carefully and discussing all the possibilities with your contractor surely helps. From there, you will be able to formulate effective shields against damage and destruction, together with the help of a skilled Sydney arborist. Below are some ideas to use as your guideline:

  • Heavy equipment must be positioned far away from the trees.
  • The trees must have a fence all around it to keep the trunks and the branches safe against tears, snaps, and open wounds where pests can get through.
  • Signify the area that should be out of bounds for digging and trenching, which could harm the roots. Building up a fence area for the protection of trees on construction sites is definitely a wise idea.
  • No additional soil must be added within the fenced area.
  • Forbid the removal of any tree for the entire process. Trees thrive in a community where they help out each other and support each other. When one is removed, the others in that community are significantly harmed as well.

It is not wrong to undergo renovation or development in your area. Before you get to work, however, be sure to talk to a Sydney tree consultant first to make sure you are not causing your trees harm during construction.

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