A Cat a Day Keeps Diseases Away

Does an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Maybe a pet can help keep the doctor away too. As a matter of fact, there are many studies out there that prove that owning a furry companion has a lot of benefits for us humans.

One of the pets that are most beneficial to a person is the cat. Cats can help a person reduce anxiety and stress. Aside from their fluffiness and affection, cats can help a person to relax by distracting him from other factors that can trigger anxiety and stress. Studies even say that spending 15 to 30 minutes can boost a person’s mood.

That being said, cats can help you better your health. Since owning a cat relieves stress, cat-owners tend to be happier. And the happier a person is, the more diseases are prevented. Owning a cat lowers the risk of heart attack mainly because they are low maintenance. On top of that, cats help improve one’s immune system.

Not only that. Owning a cat can also help a person who had a traumatic experience. There are reports that say that patients who are cat owners recover from unwanted experiences faster compared to other pet owners. Surgery patients, as well as some members of the armed forces who were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, report that they feel better, all thanks to their feline companions.

Furthermore, cats can also help prevent asthma. Yes, you heard it right. But sadly, it may not work for adults. But you can help your children prevent asthma. You just have to regularly let them pet cats during their early years so they can get used to it. Even so, of course, precautions should still be taken.

Additionally, believe it or not, cats can help you strengthen your bones. Some say that cats’ purr can help you with muscle aches or welling. Scientists have not discovered yet how and why cats purr and what it can do to a person. However, there are reports that claim that some patients felt better because of their purr.

Our feline friends do not only benefit us personally. But, they also help better our surroundings. Studies say that the resources needed to feed a dog are greater than cats’. Cats eat less compared to dogs and their diet mainly consists of fish. Thus, if one is concerned about his carbon footprint, he or she might want to consider owning a cat than a dog.

Cats keep pests away as well. We all know that cats love to chase mice. We even see it on TV. But cats can help you with other pests too. Some cats even chase flies, cockroaches, spiders, and much more.

Indeed, owning a feline companion has a lot of benefits – from testimonies up to scientific studies. Even so, cats should not be a substitute for medical treatment. And, testing out its benefits should also be taken with precautions. But, if you are one who is finding a furry companion, you might want to consider owning a cat.

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