Hello, pet owners, pet lovers, fur parents, and animal lovers! Welcome to DC Loves Animals. A website dedicated to animals big or small; their health, well-being, and of course, I am throwing in a lot of tips and tricks about pet and animal care. If you are looking for a pet-centric spot to ask questions, discuss, and learn more about animals, then you are definitely in the right place.

I am DC and obviously, I am a big animal lover. I’m also a veterinarian and I have a lot of knowledge, tips, and information to share with you. In hopes of making the world a better place for animals, I’m more than willing to impart what I know about animal care.

I am an animal lover, to say the least. I believe that animals should be tended to and cared for, not because they are simple beings who can’t take care of themselves like how we do to ourselves. They should be tended to and cared for simply because they are inhabitants of this planet as well. Let us face it, without animals; the world would be a horrible place.

Animals share this world with us for a ton of reasons. They are there to get us through a tough day by simply greeting us once we open the door. They are there to provide us with basic necessities like food and clothing. Most importantly, they are there to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. Without them, the ecosystem would go haywire and the world as we know it will struggle if only humans roamed the earth.

This blog was created solely for the purpose of giving people more knowledge about animals. We are not just talking about the usual cat or dog business, we are talking about the entire animal kingdom as a whole. Fish, birds, reptiles, creepy crawlies – you name it, I talk about it.

If you have any questions regarding your pets or are just curious about an animal, feel free to ask and I will give you the best answer. If you have any knowledge to share, then feel free to speak out your thoughts. This is a website not only for those who are animal lovers. It is also made for those who are curious about why so many people go nuts over animals.

Not everyone in this world is an animal lover but I believe that if people got to know about these simple creatures more, everyone will understand why animals are just as important as us.

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