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Approaching the New Normal with Face Masks and Shields

It is still not sure if there would be a COVID-19 cure soon. And it seems like everyone around the world would have to deal with the pandemic for a longer time. That’s where the new normal come in, and it has certain things that will stay with us with our journey, alcohol, vitamins, and a lot of disposable face masks.

The latter seems to be a better topic to discuss as there is also increased interest over it because of its demand.

Who should where facial protections?

Everyone needs to wear face masks since many diseases, especially the COVID-19 isn’t selective. There’s no age range to follow, so it is much better for everyone to either wear a mask or a face shield. In particular, the latter is perfect for frontliners, those who are regularly exposed to people publicly.

Should I wear a face mask indoors?

Face shields in Australia work almost anywhere, and it can protect you 24/7. To answer the question, it can be either yes or no. Yes, in the sense that the property you are in has active infections or has recent COVID-19 spread cases. It is also much better to keep wearing facial protection when you visit an indoor property for the first time.

Consider removing your face protection if you’re already at home, and there’s no current COVID-19 positive patient.

Is it safe to use facial protection again?

As the name suggests, a disposable face mask should only be used one time. They are designed only to withstand and accommodate several hours of use. Some manufacturers are producing masks that can also last for a day. Washable masks are also an option, although this feature degrades their quality, so as much as possible, it is better to use the disposable variant.

Face shields should also be treated as a disposable face mask; however, it provides a different take because it can be re-used because it is washable. But still, you should be very careful when choosing what shield to take, and it is essential to inspect the quality of the material in question.

There are also several suggestions to combine both masks and shields to increase the effect and see more significant results. This way, you can ensure that the virus wouldn’t get in your system quickly while you are outside. The facial shield design alone is more than enough for everyone to figure out that using a mask is possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic will stay indefinitely, but there’s no need to panic because there are sufficient precautions to avoid being infected. Scientists and medical professionals are also working closely from different parts of the world, but it is better to bear with the situation and face the new normal for now.

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