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What to Consider When Shopping for a Training School for your Dogs

Dog lovers like me will certainly share a common experience of having a hard time finding a good school for dogs. If you are shopping around for a dog training school for your cute puppy, the first thing to ask is if there’s a  puppy school near me as the nearest will greatly lessen the time for commute and the troubles of bringing in the pet. Still, there are other things to consider and here are some guidelines to help you out in choosing the right school for your dog training.

Observe the school

Luckily I have found a puppy school near me and my initial action is to ask the owner if I am allowed to observe the school. Why? Observing will give you time to see if the dogs there are happy and if they are having fun while training. Training must not be something that will stress your dog but instead allow him to have fun. Even a K9 training dog class should employ fun activities as owners don’t want their beloved to be stressed while attending a training class and be as healthy before and after the training.

Checking the location and place

Check if the location is safe, clean and sanitary. It is also important to note if gates and doors are latched and closed. Dogs accidents can come from debris on the floors so make sure the floors are free of debris. Also, check for cleanliness of supplies used especially those used for clean-ups. This is a must when looking for a school or a dog trainer for potty training.

Check out the tools being used

Check out for leashes, collars and head halters.  These should be of good quality and in good conditions. Don’t overlook the bite-sized treats used as you don’t want your dog to be feed with bad foods. Toys also must be of good quality. Observe if electric collars or choke collars are being used. These tools must not be included in the training as these are may give harmful effects on your dog health. When I see these tools on a dog training class even if it is a puppy school near me, I refrain from enrolling my cutie. Also, observe if trainers use a lot of praises. If he does, the school is a good one for your doggie.

Once done with carefully choosing the school for your puppy, always take note if trainers belong to any school dogs training associations as most of these groups required continuing education for trainer members. The trainers in the puppy school near me are regular members. I signed my puppy in a class.

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